Joe Marvullo

Starting his career as a self-professed “technology geek” and “tinkerer,” today Joe brings over 20 years of working in technology across multiple business verticals. Joe is presently the Executive Vice President of an Oregon-based IT company that is owned and operated by a Native American tribe. His day-to-day client engagements range from government clients to commercial clients, from Fortune 100 to startups. Always keen to recognize solutions and create new pathways to results, Joe’s current passion and most recent efforts have him concepting and implementing cutting edge experiential technologies and IoT initiatives for retail, telecom and other brands across the globe.


Prior to his current role, Joe owned multiple IT companies, which fueled the entrepreneurial spirit that he brings to all business and technology endeavors to this day. Joe’s work in technology also includes many years in the recruitment and staffing industry, which enabled him to quickly assess unique business challenges and assemble qualified teams, maintaining critical agility as client priorities shift, often with little notice. His focus has and always will remain on how technology can be used to enrich the lives of all people and improve business, and he feels privileged to bring this vision to Utah Pay it Forward.  


Joe believes that building authentic and meaningful relationships is at the core of any successful effort and cites his diverse personal and professional relationships as the main contributors to his success. Over the years, Joe has been involved with multiple charitable organizations and causes, engaging in public speaking and mentorship programs aimed at struggling youth. 

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