Garreth Dickson

Garreth, has been in the online marketing arena since 2008.  Throughout his career he has owned and operated multiple agencies where he is responsible for over $75 million of online sales. He has also worked with a handful of non profits and for profit non profits where he was able to raise funds through charitable campaigns. He is currently the Marketing Director and Chief Technical Officer for Salt Coast Ventures. Garreth’s expertise is diverse. His expertise excels in search engine optimization, social media, web design, branding, and advertising. 

Garreth is extremely passionate about charitable organizations that are working to make a difference. He has worked and consulted with some big name organizations to help further their initiatives. He has also spent many years in the Autism community as both a brand owner (Autism United) but an advocate as well.  His efforts have helped him create a large community of advocates, families, providers, and resources to help them connect with one another. 

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