About Utah Pay It Forward

The mission: 

utahpayitforward.com is here to uplift  and support as many people as possible in our community.  Serving as a reminder that “if we all do a little we can do a lot together!”  

Who are we serving now? 

With the help of our trusted members in the food service industry, our primary focus is to help feed the most at risk members of our community, children and adults who may not be able to leave their homes. We are also supporting and encouraging everyone to help support our healthcare community who is on the front line fighting for our health and well being.

Where does the money go?

100% goes directly to feed at risk children and those on the frontline and our health care professionals.  As the need changes so will the donations. 

Who manages the donations? 

We have partnered with The Forever Young Foundation. They are a 501c3 organization that is considered one of the best managed charitable foundations is the world Founded in 1993 by NFL Hall of Famer and Super Bowl MVP Steve Young, Forever Young Foundation serves children facing significant physical, emotional, and financial challenges. You can learn more about the incredible work of foundation at www.foreveryoung.org

 How does it work? 

Utah Pay It Forward is simple: 

  1. Donate to Utah pay it forward through our website. Approved restaurant partners on our site will help provide meals and meal kits for the members of the community we are serving. 
  2. When you make a donation, share your kindness on social media. Tag, share and #hashtag; utahpayitforward sharing your generous donation while encouraging others to share. The web page www.utahpayitforward.com will share your post and stories to help inspire others. 
  3. Adopt your own pay it forward program.  If you have a cause that is important to you and your family, reach out and see what you can do to help. 
  4. Remember to only donate what you can comfortably afford to do. We know a lot of you have big hearts but please DO NOT put yourself in a position that puts you at risk financially or puts your health in harm’s way. 

What restaurants have we worked with? 

We are currently working with several restaurants in our community that are following the protocols outlined by the CDC and Health Department for food preparation. Tuscany, Franck’s, Caputos, Sicila Mia, Crown Burger and Astro Burger.

We will work with other restaurants, only if they are strictly following the CDC/Health Department  guidelines and program guidelines that are being outlined by the programs we are supporting.  If you have a restaurant you think would like to participate in the program [please nominate them here]

What Hospitals are we working with? 

Over the last few weeks we have helped provide meals for Primary Children’s ER, St. Mark’s ER, U of U ER, LDS Hospital ER, Salt Lake Regional ER, VA ER, Intermountain Health ER on 5300 S., and Lakeview ER.

We will be working with hospital officials to onboard as many hospitals in Utah while strictly following the procedures for such donations with each hospital. 

Can we provide homemade meals for the hospitals? 

NO! It is a kind gesture but there is no way for the hospitals to know if the food prepared has been done in accordance with the regulations and guidance of the health department and the CDC. For this reason, all meals have to be prepared by members of the food service industry.

Is this tax detectable?

Yes, your donation receipt will be emailed to you when your donation is processed at check out. 

Join us in helping Utahn’s in need through these uncertain times.

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